Francisco Fiallos, JD

  Francisco Fiallos, JD
    Assistant Professor
  University of Miami, JD
  Boston University, ABS
  Harvard University, MA




Miami USA
JD-University of Miami

Boston USA
ABD- Boston University

MA-Harvard University

Universidad de la Santa Cruz, Vatican

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Nicaragua 

Minister of the Interior and Homeland Security

Catholic University 
Redemptoris Mater

Nicaraguan Ambassador to Canada, USA, Vatican, Order of Malta, and Costa Rica
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nicaragua


From 1994 to 1997 he funded and directed the center for  the Interamerican and World Studies at Saint Leo Collage, in Dade City, Florida, Where he held the position of Special Assistant to the President for Planing, and professor of International Law and Organizations, and United State - Latin American Relations.

From January 2002 to December 2003 he was Attorney General of the Republic Nicaragua, positio from which he initiated and executed the Anticorruption Policy of the Nicaraguan Government.

Doctor Fiallos held the position of National Director of the Support Plan for Development and Strengthening of the Attorney General Office of the Republic of Nicaragua under the Program of the United Nations for Development, known as project PNUD-Nic/02/16-PGR.


He has published and edited several books and articles in Nicaragua, the United States and Europe. He has been decorated with the Grand Croix of the Maltese Merit of the Sovereing Order of Malta; he Grand Croix of the Order of Pious IX, from His Holiness Pope Paul II in 1993 and received Medal to Merit from the National Police in December 2006.

Doctor Fiallos has served in several positions in the Goverment of Nicaragua, and in private and academic area in Nicaragua and the United States: Assistant to the President of Banco Nicaraguense, Executive Secretary of the Nicaraguan Institute of Development; founding partner of the Fiallos, Mendieta, Vigil Law firm; professor of Financial Law, Political Economy, and Political Sociology at University Centroamericana; Director of the Social and Economic Research Center Center John XXIII at the same University in which he also held the position of President of the Faculty Association. He served as deputy and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador to Canada, the United States, the Holly See, the Sovereing Order of Malta; and the Republic of Costa Rica. Member of the permanent Tribunal of Arbitration of the International Extraordinary Period of Sessions of the United Nations.

Comparative Political Systems